Our History:

Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee was established in March 1993 as an Interfaith Volunteer Program. It became an independent, non-profit organization in May 1996. The Respite program brings volunteers from churches and the community at large, together with caregivers and their ill or frail loved ones into meaningful and supportive relationships.

The program serves caregivers of adults, providing short term relief (up to 4 hours) a week. A trained volunteer stays with the person in his/her home to assure that a safe environment is maintained while the caregiver is away. This allows family members who provide continuous around-the-clock care for their relatives, much needed breads for rest and renewal. It also provides friendly visits to the person who is ill, or frail.

Photo by: Michael D-L Jordan/David Lorne Photographic

Our Respite volunteers, first and foremost, have an interest in and a love for people. The level of care provided by the volunteers is described as companionship. Volunteers must satisfactorily complete a training course, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to assure you of their ability to care for your loved one.

There is no charge to families receiving Respite services. However, donations are greatly appreciated and needed to continue the program. Donations, grants, and annual memberships are needed to provide the necessary funding to make this program possible. We are always grateful for any monetary gifts.

Your responsibilities as a family participating in this program are to understand that these volunteers are basically good neighbors coming into the home to help you cope. They will need your help, such as sharing with them any information about your loved one, which enables their care to be more effective. Communication between your family, the volunteer and the Respite office is very important. Confidentiality will be respected at all times.

The mission of Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee is to support caregivers. The respite provided will hopefully lift some of the burden from the shoulders of loving, giving families for a brief time. Thus, enabling them to return to their loved one rested and renewed to resume the care they so willingly provide.

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