Our Mission:

"A gift of time and caring support to adults with persistent health needs and their families."

Imagine for a moment that your spouse is in assisted living and you would like to visit them but your license to drive wasn’t renewed... or that the light in the hallway has gone out and you are not steady enough to climb a ladder to change it... or that you have a grocery list but no way to get to the grocery store.

Imagine that your spouse has had a stroke and you are never able to leave him/her alone... or that your children live out of state, your spouse has passed away and you are so lonely.

Imagine that you are your parent’s only source of socializing... or that your mom has developed dementia and you’re juggling your responsibilities of raising your family, going to work, maintaining your home and trying to help take care
of mom....

There are all kinds of life situations that can create a feeling of desperation and weigh heavily on your heart and spirit. Many frail and physically challenged adults in our community struggle daily to maintain their independence. A trained Respite Volunteer can make a tremendous difference in their lives and help them to remain independent at home.

Our Values:

Dignity and worth of all individuals

Respect for the caregiving family

Hope, compassion and the integrity of others

Belief in the interfaith component and its strength

Unique worth of each volunteer

Respect for the diversity of people and their gifts

Giving of oneself

Our Vision:

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