A letter From Helen:

Helen Howard, RN - Executive Director

Photo by: George Nama

March 2020

Dear Friends of Respite Volunteers,

There are multiple ways that you can help sustain our program so that we may continue to serve persons asking for our help. The following describe ways that you can help our program serve your family and other care-giving families.

We are actually starting to prepare for the Respite Volunteer St. Patrick’s Party, which is Fri. March 13th, 2020 at D’Mar. Hemenway Business Service/ H & R Block is the $2000 Event Sponsor, Jackie Hurd, Memorial Healthcare and the Family of C. Diz Clark, In Memory of Diz Clark, Watkins Brothers Funeral Home, Lloyd & Wanda Lamphere, Meijer are Pot of Gold Sponsors, & we have numerous Rainbow, Printing & Shamrock Sponsors. We are still seeking $1000 Leprechaun Sponsors & $250 Photography Sponsors. If you would like to commit to a sponsorship, please give our office a call.

Thank you to everyone who gave #raiseUPshiawassee- Giving Tuesday donations to Respite Volunteers. As of 2/312/20 we have or are receiving $5250.Giving Tuesday is the global movement that taps into social media to make generosity go viral, it may not be a major source of funds now, but new donors are younger and tech-savvy, and this is a good way to build a connection with them.

We sell gently loved purses & some other gift items at New & Used Unique Gifts on M-21, west of Delaney

Thank you to everyone who helped us with our recent Fall Purse Party Bingo in Oct, especially our event sponsor Humana Licensed Sales Agent Terry Skidmore. Thank you to everyone who donated, provided food, and attended the event. Our Spring event is set for Thurs. April 23rd, 2020. Tickets are on sale now, $15 in advance, or $20 the day of the event, if still available.

You can create facebook fundraisers for Respite Volunteers too, especially for your Birthday, or another special day, no matter where you live. We thank Kathleen Bond Raines and Dennis Rathbun for doing this recently! These are quite easy to set up. For fundraisers like this, donations can be made on-line to Respite Volunteers through facebook (there is no service fee to our agency, for donations this way), or through Paypal through our website: www.respitevolunteers.org . Or checks can be sent also.

Please think of our office for your Gift Shopping throughout the year. The following are available year round; Handmade Jewelry, Scarves, unique handcrafted Greeting cards, Vintage Glassware, Mary Ellen Geist’s book Measure of the Heart, framed art by Brian McGuire, crocheted items, baby blankets & sweaters & hats, vintage books, colorful prayer shawls and throws.

We have Hallmark, Gibson & DaySpring Greeting Cards for individual family members, special cards for persons in the service, and Birthday Cards also.

We are asking for help with snow removal help and building maintenance and we are in hopes some people will consider being volunteer gardeners in the springtime too. Our garage door and window frames will need repainting this spring. We always need help clearing the roof valleys, gutters and downspouts.

We thank DayStarr Communications for once again choosing the Respite Volunteer office, and families we serve in the area for their DayStarr Give Back Day! And we thank Ron Schaar, David Stechschulte Jr., Harry Wilson, Justin Giffei, Bennie Pullen, for all their help already. On a nice weather day, this winter/spirng we will again need help cleaning out the roof valleys, gutters & downspouts on the top and

lower level. We love the shade trees here, but they provide work that needs to be done also.

Please start collecting your Spartan Stores receipts (this includes VG’s receipts). Some Spartan stores are once again offering to donate $1,000 to nonprofits, once the receipts total $150,000. Our receipts already total $61,244, so ONLY $88,756 to go. Please help us! Thank you! We are getting closer to our goal.

Please consider participating in the Kroger Community Rewards program to donate a portion of your total purchase to Respite Volunteers. Please register online at www.krogercommunityrewards.com. You will need to enter our Kroger non-profit number: 82422. You may call the number on the back of your Kroger card, and ask for your donations to be designated to Respite Volunteers.

Our Comfort Cookbook’s are on sale for $10.00, and are perfect for college students, Wedding Showers, and special birthday and anniversary gifts. Comfort Cookbooks are available at the following locations: Elliott’s Family Hairstyling, Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC, and our office.

Annual Membership donations are accepted at any time. The cost to the program of recruiting, and training volunteers, completing the new patient/family caregiver and basic home safety assessment, providing patient and family caregiver education, keeping up to date on all the options for senior and healthcare services, so that we may provide this information to patients, matching an appropriate volunteer and

supervising that volunteer, and program costs for a year is close to $500. If your family is receiving Respite Volunteer services, we hope you will consider donating and asking your extended family members to make donations to cover or partially cover the $500 expense to provide services to your family for the coming year.

To schedule a Respite Volunteer Training at a mutually convenient time, please give our office a call. We are planning to offer Volunteer Trainings at a mutually convenient time. Our next scheduled Volunteer Training is Tues. April 28th from 9 am-12 noon at the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Corunna, 111 S. Shiawassee St. (State Rd.) Corunna, this is south of the Care N Assist & Pat’s Place building.

Please call to register, or for more info. 989-725-1127.

Thank you so much for helping our program continue to serve others.

Helen Howard RN, Executive Director


Sponsor a Respite Family $500

Locations and hosts or hostesses for our Volunteer Trainings –Jan. Feb. March……

Book: Innovation and Scaling for Impact: How Effective Social Enterprises Do It, by Christian Seelos and Joahanna Mair

Volunteer Training Meal Sponsor $40 or to please supply & prepare and serve the food

Large Cooler on wheels

Canopy/Awning for Events

Need help cleaning out roof valleys and gutters

Help with Building Maintenance

Plain White Copy Paper

#10 & # 9 Plain White Envelopes, 3 5/8 in x 6 ½ in Envelopes

Postage Stamps, paper products, standard or energy efficient light bulbs

Retail Gift Cards to Purchase Office Supplies, and Building Maintenance Supplies;

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates from:

Home Depot, Gilbert’s, Springrove, WalMart, Meijer,

Lamphere’s Plumbing & Heating

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