How To Volunteer:

If you are a resident of Shiawassee County, or live nearby, simply call (989) 725-1127 to start. A volunteer packet, including information and an application will be sent to you. Volunteer Trainings are held 8 to 10 times per year throughout the county. You may also receive training right away. Just give us a call!

Respite Volunteers is receiving a record number of new requests for service. We believe this is in part due to the economic situation of elderly patients and their caregiving families in Shiawassee County. We do provide services to a higher percentage of elderly living alone than ever before. Additional volunteers are needed throughout the county, but especially in Owosso.

The training is designed to prepare volunteers to serve adults with ongoing health needs, and their caregiving families, and especially persons who are frail, elderly, and living alone.

Volunteers are needed throughout Shiawassee County, especially persons interested in volunteering for patients in their homes.

As a Respite Volunteer, you would:

Provide companionship and emotional support.

Provide a gift of time, rest and relief to the caregiver

Stay with the patient for short periods of time while the caregiver runs errands, goes shopping, keeps appointments, etc.

Help the patient with hobbies he or she enjoys

Bring some fun and friendship into someone's life

A typical training session will consist of:

Photo by: Michael D-L Jordan/David Lorne Photographic

1. Introduction to Respite

2. Social & Emotional Aspects of Aging & Caregiving

3. Volunteer Communication Skills

4. Safety in the Home:

a. Home Safety

b. Universal Precautions

c. Patient Care & First Aid

5. How to Care for a Home Bound Patient

6. Dementia - Including: Alzheimer's disease, Stroke, Parkinson's Disease

7. Helping Caregivers Cope with the Daily Stress of Caregiving

8. Policies & Procedures

9. Forms and Evaluation

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